List Poetry

During this term, Class 3 have been writing some of their own list poems, based on examples we have been reading in class. I have included some examples below. I hope you enjoy them.
(A collection of things found in a daddy's pocket)
A dirty pencil,
A stinky notebook,
A black pear,
A rotten shoe,
A spooky watch,
A piece of stinky cod,
Half a book,
A weird rubber.
By Matthew Elliott
I Can Eat...
Normal cream,
Shaving cream,
Squirty cream,
Thick cream,
But I can't eat it all today!
By Thomas Coles
You can get big and small,
How about a boxer or even a poodle,
King Charles Spaniel,
Great Dane,
I do love them all, but can you keep a secret,
'Cos I love boxers over all,
Shhhh! Please don't tell!
By Evie Grace Sheppard
The lion the king of them all,
Likes to pounce round a dirty wall.

A witch's cat likes to bat,
The old dusty wizard's hat.
A skinny cat that likes to screech,
At all the people on the beach.
A fluffy cat that eats smelly cheese,
Makes a lot of people sneeze.
A small cat that slips around,
Scares away all the hounds.
A cheetah that is faster than a car,
Goes very, very, very far.
But the one just for me,
Chases away the bumble bees.
By Caithlyn Jeffery
Mountain Biking
Mountain biking is fun,
Mountain biking hurts your bum,
Up and down, round and round,
Burn after burn, breath-taking bumps,
Jumping rocks,
Swirling roots,
Curling newts,
Screaming moments,
Eye hurting ground,
And much much more.
By Ollie Chiffers
Red pants,
Yellow pants,
Ones that go over your trousers pants.
Blue pants,
Green pants,
Ones that sing songs pants.
British pants,
German pants,
But don't forget Santa's pants.
Your pants,
Your dad's pants,
Your mum's pants,
And you definitely don't forget nappies!
By Noah Telling
Strawberries, strawberries glossy red,
Like the hair upon my head.
Watch them sparkle, watch them shine,
The opposite of Frankenstein.
Watch them in the light,
They really shine very bright.
If the world was made of candy trees,
They'd still be the best berries.
They're as fresh as a flower,
They're not a bit sour,
But strawberries are so tasty.
By Eleanor Rushton