The Day of the Radioactive Pine Cones

On Tuesday 3rd July there was a freak localised earthquake in part of Farrington Gurney School. The children arrived to chaos. Chairs and tables had been toppled over, books had been pushed out of shelves, even the class computer was overturned. Fortunately it was still working, so we could take the register!
We soon realised that in an emergency situation like this, it was essential we were evacuated to a safe place until the danger had completely passed and there were no risks of aftershocks. Class 3 also realised that they needed to take any essentials with us - food...water...sunhats!!
Within minutes, we were whisked away in some emergency transportation (a coach) and we arrived safety at Carymoor Disaster Relief Centre in just under half an hour. During the day we had the opportunity to consider what were essentials in this situation. After some shared discussions we realised that shelter, water and food were our top priorities and we spent the rest of the day making sure we had these three things in place.
After safely removing some radioactive pine cones that had unfortunately made their way into the relief centre, we worked in four teams to create our own shelters in the woods that would protect us from extreme heat and also any potential rain showers. All of our shelters stood up to the rain test (a watering can) and we were able to move onto out next priority.
Using reused camera film canisters and milk cartons, we worked in groups again to transport our much needed water from one area to another, making sure we conserved as much as we could. We called it the Carymoor Water Challenge.
After some much needed food reserves, we had an opportunity to check out the surrounding area for any wildlife. A helpful orienteering activity helped us to recognise the homes, footprints and droppings of several different animals. We realised that if the Farrington Gurney Earthquake went on long enough, we may need to track, hunt down and trap some of these animals to turn into much needed food...apologises to any vegetarians or vegans reading at this moment!
We finished off the day by making sure we knew how to cook our own food. Fortunately, we had enough water and flour in reserves to make some dough which we cooked over an open fire to make bread. We also managed to locate some Carymoor Honey, which made our snack even better.
Finally, we got the all clear and found out that Farrington Gurney was safe again. We could return home. After saying our goodbyes, we got on to our emergency transportation and made our way back. An exciting and adventurous day, which will always be remembered as 'The Day of the Radioactive Pine Cones'!