Spellings Y3 and Y4

In Class 3, there are a list of spellings every week and a test every Friday. There is one set of lists that will be learned by all children. We will look at the spellings during the week at school as well as looking at tricky words. For those children who want an extra challenge with their spellings, they can investigate the words that are being learnt and find words that are related or have similar patterns. They can do this as extra homework.
Year 4 Unit 1 Spellings
Year 4 Unit 2 Spellings
Year 4 Unit 3 Spellings
Here is a list of all the key words for Year 3 and Year 4. Please have a look at these sheets, because the children are expected to know how to spell these by the end of their relevant year group.
Key Words Y3 and Y4