Welcome to Class 3

Class 3 is hard working, creative and imaginative! We are happy and helpful and we aim to treat each other as we would treat ourselves. We are friendly, great to play with and know when to enjoy ourselves and when to get some work done!

Our class aim is to always try our best and persevere. Instead of saying `I can't do it', we are learning to say `I can't do it...yet!'

Mr Marvin and Mrs Haskins teach us. There are 28 children, 16 boys and 12 girls. We all have a talking partner and a role on our group table. Each group has a manager, a presenter, a scribe, a time monitor, a noise monitor and a resource manager. 

Our classroom is part of the original Victorian building. We have lots of fantastic resources, including a large interactive screen, 12 laptops and maths resources, to support our learning. We enjoy writing stories, solving maths problems and lots of making and creating. So if you fancy a challenge and something to get your brains buzzing, come and see what Class 3 are up to.