RE Day

On Monday 10th June 2019, we held an RE Day. This was our third RE Day that we have held as a school community and as well as the children and teaching staff on that day, we had several other visitors coming to join in. Many of the school governors were able to take part in the activities and some children also had the opportunity to talk to members of the local church, to make suggestions about the new vicar for St John's Church.

The day itself, was all about St John, or John the Baptist. As a school community we have decided to look at the example of John the Baptist and as he is distinctive to our school, we have taken on board his life and example into our school vision.

This year's RE Day was focused on our school vision, as well as looking at other aspects of John the Baptist's life.

Mrs Mason looked at perseverance and humility, because John kept on going and he was also an example of someone who did not draw attention to himself, but promoted Jesus and his mission throughout his life.

Miss Shutter looked at family, focusing mainly on Mary the mother of Jesus and Elizabeth, who was John's mother. Like Mary and Elizabeth supported each other, the children focused on what they do to support the people in our families and how they can help out more at home.

Miss Treasure focused on repentance and forgiveness and what a difference it makes if we can be honest and really mean it when we say sorry for the things we have done to others. If we can forgive and seek forgiveness, this can also make things so much better and so to help any unforgiveness issues the children might have had, they had an opportunity to write a sorry card to someone who they really wanted to seek forgiveness from.

Mr Marvin spent the time sharing the new school vision with the classes, helping each child to understand the meaning of the more complex words. Then, together the children coloured some Vision posters and we made one big copy of the vision, to be shared in our whole school assembly on Friday.

During our assembly, each of the teachers shared a little bit about what they did with each of the classes and children from each class showed some of what they did during the day.

The children enjoyed the day and the comments from the Vision and Values team were very positive.