Our School Vision

Fulfilment, Forgiveness, Foundation.


Our school community prepares the way for children, as John the Baptist did for Jesus, to find fulfilment for themselves and others, to flourish as they learn to forgive and to seek forgiveness, and to build upon the firm foundation of Jesus' teachings.  


' John himself was not the light; he was simply a witness to tell about the light.' - John 1:8

Welcome Back Assembly
On Friday 13th September, we held a celebration assembly with a difference. In our school, we have a Vision and Values team. This is a group of children within the school who have taken an interest in helping to promote and encourage our school vision and its corresponding values. As a welcome back to the new school year, the Vision and Values team started our assembly off by reminding the children all about our new school vision and what it meant.
Children from Classes 2, 3 and 4 were all able to input and answer questions about the names of the people included in our school vision, what were the three words within the tagline of our vision and also what these three words actually mean. Even some of the parents were willing to be involved and came out the front to hold up the words from our tagline.
We continued with the rest of our celebration service, but the Vision and Values team helped set our year off to a good start, by reminding us all about what our school aims to promote, value and cherish.