Homework In Class 3

Children in Class 3 are expected to learn and practise their spellings and the times tables that they are working on every week. For children who have learnt all their times tables, they are expected to revise them and know the corresponding division facts.
We also expect children to read 3 or more times a week and record this in their planners. Children can use their Reading Eggs online account to do there reading as long as this is recorded in their planners. The children have their Reading Eggs login details in the back of their planners.
Each child also has an Doodlemaths account and the children have also stuck their login details in the back of their books. Children have new questions that they can answer everyday and they can collect stars if they answer them correctly. These can be spent in different ways on the website.
Each week there will also be another piece of homework set, which may relate to Maths or English work. This homework is expected to be completed.
Any relevant homework can be found on this page.

This week, the children have some homework where they are using pronouns to replace nouns in sentences. As an extension, you could give your child some sentences and see if they can identify the pronouns in each sentence.

This week's homework is all to do with rounding - rounding to the nearest 10, 100 or 1000. Children need to choose at least one sheet to do for this week's homework.
This week's homework is to read through and become familiar with the Vegetable Rap that we are performing on Friday.
Homework this week, is about rearranging numbers to make either a 3-digit number or a 4-digit number. For each question, the number has to fit between two different numbers.

For example, the numbers 3, 7 and 1, have to be rearranged to make a 3-digit number that is between 720 and 740 (731).
The first sheet uses only 3-digit numbers, the second sheet uses both 3-digit and 4-digit numbers and the final sheet uses only 4-digit numbers.
This is the homework for this week. There are three activities on each download and each of the activities is about conjunctions, which we have been looking at in English this week. The children need to complete at least one sheet for homework this week.
This is the maths homework for this week - Counting in 50s and 100s. The children have a choice of either mild, medium or spicy to choose from.