On Friday 4th October, we celebrated Harvest at St John's Church in Farrington Gurney in lots of different ways. 
We were invited by members of the church to join in with a Harvest afternoon, where the children would be able to take part in different activities to help explain the meaning and purpose of harvest. So, just after lunch, the children in Classes 3 and 4, walked up to the church and we took part in 4 different activities which were all harvest themed.
One activity gave the children the opportunity to take in their surroundings and to look at the beauty in God's creation. Although it was wet, the children were able to go outside, take in their surroundings and choose some of their favourite areas with which to focus on and share with the rest of their group.
Another activity, encouraged the children to look at the different vegetables which we grow in this country and to remind others of the good things we have. The children were able to make vegetable prints on card and then turn these into cards to family members, reminding them about harvest and all the bounty there is for us to enjoy.
In another activity, the children had an opportunity to look for different textures we have in our natural world. The children recognised that we are too often only using sight when it comes to looking at things around us and by making wax rubbings inside and outside the church, it helped the children to see with their sense of touch instead.
Finally, the children were all able to join in to make a scarecrow. Scarecrows are a good picture showing us that we have been asked to be stewards of our world and we need to do what we can to look after it.
At half past two, we were joined by Classes 1 and 2 and lots of parents and carers. We all took part in our Harvest Service, by singing and sharing poetry, prayers and even a rap. Thank you to all those that attended. Hope you enjoy the pictures!