Science - Parachutes

In science this week, we learnt about air resistance. We had to:

- Plan an investigation into the effectiveness of various parachutes
- Identify variables that need to change and that need to stay constant
- Record data using a ‘best of three’ approach
- Record findings offering possible explanations

We first of all had to think about key factors that makes a parachute effective: It needs to catch lots of air (also doesn’t rip and is lightweight). We then thought about these questions below to help us design and build our parachute: 

  • What variables are there?
  • How can you only test one at a time?
  • How can you ensure it is a fair test?
  • What is your hypotheses? 

Then, we went outside to test which parachute was the most successful! We concluded that the parachutes made from stronger material with a big surface area were the most successful.