Meet the Governors

Meet the Farrington Gurney School Governors, our Governors are members of the local community and include parents and carers of children attending the school. To give you some background of the broad skills and experience available to the school through the Governors please read the summary document below.

If you would like to speak with any of the Governing body please make contact via the school office

You can find a list of Governors on the GIAS website here

Role of the Governors

On behalf of the Governors of Farrington Gurney Church of England Primary School, I would like to welcome you to our section of the school website. We aim to provide a variety of information relating to the governance of Farrington Gurney Church of England Primary School, including a list of current governors and links to key documents. 

The Role of School Governors
School Governors are members of the local community and include parents and carers of children studying in the school, who work together with the Headteacher and his staff to ensure that together we achieve the common aim of providing the best possible education for all students. We are all unpaid volunteers who work together as a governing body in undertaking three main areas of responsibility:

  1. Providing challenge and ensuring accountability.
    We work closely with the Headteacher and his Staff to challenge their expectations by acting as an objective and impartial party, with the ultimate aim of improving outcomes for all students.

  2. Working strategically to set targets and strategic priorities for the school.
    Governors influence the future development of the school with the aim of raising standards and improving outcomes for student. We set, monitor and evaluate progress towards agreed targets, holding the Headteacher to account by asking him to provide regular reports on key areas, such as pupil progress, teaching quality and standards, financial goals and budgeting etc.

  3. Enabling, supporting, increasing and celebrating success.
    In order to fulfil this role, we work hard to gain as full an understanding as possible of the varied aspects of school life by attending governor meetings and school events, visiting areas of the school during the day, attending training events and monitoring what is going on in school. Individual governors take a special interest in a particular curriculum area, or a whole-school issue and try to learn more about the school’s work in that area, reporting back to the whole governing body on what has been observed, and bringing any recommendations for change.

More detail about our work this year can be found by clicking on our Terms of Reference and our Visit Schedule for this year. We are not inspectors, however, nor do we provide an alternative channel in to the school to discuss issues relating to individual students, which should always be followed up through the normal school procedures involving contacting the teacher or SENCO in the first instance.

Being a school governor is an interesting and rewarding role. There are various categories of governor – parent governors, community governors, staff governors – and you can find out more about each type and about becoming a governor by following this link to a page on the National Governor Association website: If you are interested in becoming a governor at Farrington Gurney Church of England Primary School, please get in touch with me via the school email (, marked for the attention of ‘Chair of Governors’, and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Any vacancies we have will be listed under the governors tab.